DOE Officials Tour NMB Turbine Sites

On June 10, 2010, officials from the Federal Department of Energy were in town to follow up on a wind energy grant for the North Strand Coastal Wind Team.

Energy Project Officer Otis Mills, Jr., along with members of his staff and the SC Energy Office met with the Wind Team and toured some of the beach access sites where wind turbines may be placed when the grant is fulfilled.

Monroe Baldwin and NMB Councilman Greg Duckworth presented plans for the installation of several beachfront turbines to be used for powering Beach Access facilities as well as returning power to the grid. Mayor Marilyn Hatley, City Manager John Smithson, and other city officials met with Mills, who oversees grants from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, a DOE Lab.

The first goal is to have wind turbines up and running for testing by the end of the year. Ultimately, the Team hopes to have competing companies from around the world use the infrastructure here to rate their equipment.

A further goal is to bring industry facilities (and jobs) to the Grand Strand and help establish South Carolina as a leader in wind powered energy.

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