EPA: National Top 50

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The Green Power Partnership works with a wide variety of leading organizations — from Fortune 500® companies to local, state and federal governments, and a growing number of colleges and universities. The following Top Partner Rankings highlight the annual green power use of leading Green Power Partners within the United States and across individual industry sectors.

Using green power helps reduce the environmental impacts of electricity use and supports the development of new renewable generation capacity nationwide. Usage amounts reflect U.S. operations only and are sourced from U.S.-based green power resources. Organizations can meet EPA Partnership requirements using any combination of three different product options: (1) Renewable Energy Certificates, (2) On-site generation, and (3) Utility green power products.

Usage figures are based on annualized Partner contract amounts (kilowatt-hours), not calendar year totals. These rankings are updated on a quarterly schedule. Find out how your organization can partner with EPA today! To view a top partner list, select from the chart below:

1. Intel Corporation
2. Microsoft Corporation
3. Kohl’s Department Stores
4. Whole Foods Market
5. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
6. U.S. Department of Energy
7. Staples
8. Starbucks Company-Owned Stores
9. Lockheed Martin Corporation
10. Apple Inc.
11. District of Columbia
12. Cisco Systems, Inc.
13. City of Houston, TX
14. City of Austin, TX
15. BD
16. Hilton Worldwide
17. McDonald’s USA LLC
18. City of Dallas, TX
19. U.S. Air Force
20. TD Bank, N.A.
21. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
22. BNY Mellon
23. Dell Inc.
24. Bloomberg LP
25. University of Pennsylvania
26. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
27. Sprint
28. State Street Corporation
29. State of Illinois
30. Deutsche Bank
31. Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority
32. State of Wisconsin
33. Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
34. University of Oklahoma
35. Best Buy
36. Ahold USA
37. Pearson, Inc.
38. The Ohio State University
39. Montgomery County Clean Energy Buyers Group
40. HSBC North America
41. City of Philadelphia, PA
42. Suffolk County, NY
43. Safeway Inc.
44. Carnegie Mellon University
45. Georgetown University
46. The World Bank Group
47. Appleton Coated LLC
48. Oklahoma State University
49. Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.
50. Chicago Public Schools