About Us

Assembling a platform for research and development in alternative energy, the North Strand Coastal Wind Team seeks to attract innovators and entrepreneurs in the field to participate in a new and growing economic cluster in South Carolina.

The City of North Myrtle Beach has committed itself to becoming a Demonstration City in the area of alternative energy.  North Myrtle Beach has ideal conditions for electrical generation from the wind and the sun.  The energy produced will be aggregated with other rooftop producers to provide single marketable units of electrical power.  These units of power can be sold via energy credits or net metering to Santee Cooper.
  • It is a basis for earning marketable carbon credits.
  • The aggregate tap system enables rapid innovation to reach the grid immediately.
  • It brings a competitive advantage for South Carolina on the world stage of alternative energy product development.
  • It provides jobs.

Building a Community-Based Wind Program