WPDE: Wind Turbines Could be Headed for Grand Strand hotels

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North Myrtle Beach is getting closer to its goal of putting wind power turbines on high rise hotels.

The North Strand Coastal Wind Team received a grant to buy 7 turbines, and they’ve already picked out locations where they would like to put them. The team met Monday to work on an agreement with an Orangeburg tech school, that has the ability to transmit wind data to a central location.
It should help the team become a part of the state’s growing wind industry. “That is the up and coming industry for the State of South Carolina. It’s our way to diversify our economy and participate on this statewide effort in wind energy,” said Monroe Baldwin, Coastal Wind Team.
The wind team has a testing station set up on top of the Avista Hotel in North Myrtle Beach.
Baldwin says results from that test show great potential for wind turbines on high rise buildings.