City of North Myrtle Beach: Offshore Wind Energy Resolution


In the year of 2012, enthusiastically endorses the development of

Offshore Wind Energy

Whereas South Carolina provides a considerable wind resource and shallow water off its shore providing optimal conditions for offshore wind farms; and

Whereas South Carolina maintains a robust electrical grid that can accommodate an offshore wind farm of 2080 megawatts without overload violations; and

Whereas the wind industry commons of South Carolina is in a position to cultivate a Wind Energy Economic Cluster within the State; and

Whereas the Clemson University Restoration Institute’s “Wind Energy Supply Chain Survey and Offshore Wind Economic Impact Study” determined that the installation of a 1000 MW wind farm will have a large economic impact on the state, particularly in the 10 year construction phase, and

Whereas the Clemson University Restoration Institute’s wind turbine test facility in North Charleston, the largest such facility in the world, will attract manufacturers to South Carolina, and

Whereas General Electric operates one of the largest wind turbine manufacturing facility in the United States in the upstate, and

Whereas the North Strand Coastal Wind Team has successfully acclimated the community within the City of North Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas to the idea of Wind Turbines off our shore; and

Whereas The City of North Myrtle Beach can accept up to 334 megawatts of electrical injection into it’s Cherry Grove Sub Station without grid upgrade, and

Whereas The City of North Myrtle Beach can bring electric cables ashore in parallel to it’s deepwater outfall pipes negating any environmental impact while bringing a cable system ashore.

Therefore, Be it Resolved; The City of North Myrtle Beach in support of the State of South Carolina, state and national security, sustainable economic development, energy independence, and the pursuit of a clean energy source for its future, Declares itself a Wind Powered Economic Zone.

    Among goals to establish:

  • Participate in the formation of a Community owned Wind Energy Electric Cable stock company;
  • Seek strategic partners to join in the ownership of the Wind Energy Electric Cable Stock company;
  • Adapt future street power line burial projects and deep water out fall points to accommodate an offshore cable system coming ashore;
  • Establish the City of North Myrtle Beach as an Electrical CO-OP that will utilize the wind energy coming ashore, sharing surplus into the outlying grid in heavy winds and borrowing from the grid in low winds through the use of net metering;
  • Solicit corporations that have established internal renewable energy standards requirements to relocate into the City of North Myrtle Beach and/or purchase green energy from the offshore wind farm.

Dated this 19th day of November, 2012.